I have always loved making things. As a child, I took apart all sorts of objects: old watches, door knobs, mechanical toys, anything with moving parts, just to see how they were made. Then, using all the random pieces, I would reconfigure them into my own creations. Over the years, I gradually refined my skills. I developed a passion for all things small with a bit of sparkle. 

It was no surprise I decided to become a professional goldsmith. Imagination, along with traditional techniques and aesthetics, learned as a jeweler's apprentice, have provided a toolbox for me to create signature pieces of jewelry using precious metals and gemstones.

As both artist and jeweler, I am continually faced with the challenge of executing visually pleasing jewelry that functions both technically and emotionally. My inspiration comes from a variety of things found in my environment.

I am intrigued with the juxtaposition of shape and pattern. The architectural detail of a building or the intersecting rows of a seed pod may easily be interpreted into a piece of jewelry. My materials - gold, silver, stone and pearl - are treated as individual design elements with subtle color and surface variations. I use line to define form, while creating positive and negative space. The finished piece of jewelry has an elegant simplicity that defies its complex structure. My hope is that people enjoy wearing the jewelry, as much as I enjoy making it.